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Our School of Technology was created with the mission to educate and train technology professionals across the globe, especially those who have been called to serve in nonprofit organizations. We believe mission-focused individuals can be called to rewarding careers in technology in order to best serve the Kingdom using their talents.



INDIVIDUAL LEARNING: Learn skills and apply them to your professional portfolio.

WORKPLACE LEARNING: Learn skills and apply them right away within your company.


The CIM individual learning bootcamp is different from most online courses. We combine live teaching sessions and workshops with instructors to bring a team-based approach. You can also expect frequent team-based coaching from an experienced CIM practitioner. 

Our programs are hands-on, immersive, and rigorous learning experiences. In 12 short weeks, you’ll learn to identify opportunities, develop, deliver, and implement superior technology solutions to provide high value to various stakeholders.


Our School of Technology brings comprehensive, innovative training solutions to employers and organizations struggling with technology skill gaps. A customized technology training plan that meets the organization’s needs and developmental roadmap can help your nonprofit create pathways that lead to sustainable organizational practices long term. We build unique training programs to develop, and level-up your workforce focused on accomplishing the mission.

Start TODAY!

Is technology driving your mission, or is your mission driven by the resources available?  

We provide learners from all backgrounds an opportunity to gain an education and tie technology back to your mission and calling.

Reach out to us to learn more about our non-profit learning institution, technology programs and the outcomes available.

The CIM Foundations Series is composed of 3 courses covering all the basics required for success:

Technology, Leadership, and Digital Series.

  • Learners typically work through a weekly curated content collection made of readings, videos, and podcasts for 1-2 hours per week. 
  • Learners complete a project each week composed of writings, presentations, and other assignments which may take 4-6 hours.  
  • Learners will spend 10-20 hours collectively per week on each course.
  • Assignments are peer reviewed AND professionally reviewed so Learners get the highest value from the courses in the transferrable skills learned, knowledge gained, and the immediately applicable improvements to their current situation and mission.
We use highly innovative and accelerated learning strategies to up-skill you.

Our learning series provide a framework for simultaneous individual learning, as well as organizational technology improvement. Each course leads to one or more industry standard certifications and a CIM Foundations Certificate. Upon earning all of the CIM Foundations Certificates, you become a CIM Certified Practitioner.

Technology Foundations prepares Learners to identify basic internet, hardware, and network systems, implement basic security practices, and combine these systems and practices to achieve strategic organizational objectives.

Digital Foundations prepares Learners to identify and implement basic design principles, create media artifacts such as video and audio, write and create basic websites using SEO principles, utilize analytics and other marketing data to reach strategic marketing objectives with digital artifacts.

Leadership Operations prepares Learners to lead organizations and interface with specialized professionals by implementing project management principles, sound financial practices, contractual and risk management basics, team management strategies, and combine all this together to achieve strategic leadership objectives.

DIY Series is a unique, customized training pathway designed by a CIM Employer Partner to help come alongside of an in-house technology support team. These training solutions are for organizations facing talent shortages and skill gaps. We create strategic training and programs to develop and level-up the workforce in a way that connects with the organization’s mission.


  • Individual courses and bundled series for customized outcomes
  • Each route is carefully designed to be high value for the learner
  • We have immediately impactful and foundational opportunities
  • Learn skills and apply them immediately to your context or role
  • Technology skills are transferable to a wide range of jobs, gigs, and other opportunities to follow your unique calling and make an impact


Why choose us over traditional education + training programs?

For our learners and partner organizations, the choice comes down to a supportive community, rigorous credentialing system, and a learning orientation driven by a mission to serve a unique calling in this world.

Learn.CIM was created to teach + train tech professionals across the world (especially those who have been underserved by traditional education systems) and place them in rewarding careers to use their newfound tech talent in serving mission-driven nonprofits and beyond.


Our courses are offered 100% online only to provide you with flexibility and the ability develop your skills from the environment of your choice.

We also have quarterly intensives available in Indianapolis, IN; Colorado Springs, CO; Phoenix, AZ; and Ann Arbor, MI Metro locations.

Most of our learners can accomplish our courses with a desktop or laptop computer with high speed WiFi capabilities. Contact admissions with additional questions or concerns regarding equipment for success.  

No previous degree is required. We’re looking for self-starters who are passionate about using technology to further the mission and vision of nonprofit organizations.

We will offer a Certificate of Completion or other acknowledgment (a “Certificate”) for learners who have satisfactorily demonstrated participation and completion of the learning program outlined above and/or mastery of the learning program material. We expect learners to successfully work with their team, meet the expected contribution to the team throughout the program, and to participate in the final presentation of the materials learned or skills acquired.

CIM certificates demonstrate a completion of a minimal skill set combined with short form and limited long form learning and training content. 

Additionally, CIM facilitates training for additional industry standard certifications. These are globally recognized certifications from companies such as CompTIA, Microsoft, CIW, Amazon, SalesForce, Adobe, and other industry leaders.

Typically the individual learning programs are available in 8, 12, and 24-week cohorts.

If you have been selected as a CIM Workplace Partner, training programs are designed to fit the needs of the organization in length and depth of the rigorous training to support the strategy.

Time commitments and program hours are set by individual programs and adapted by instructional designers.

Each Cohort is set up to have flexibility with individual assignments and group projects to help ensure Learner’s success. Typically our programs run on Eastern Standard Timezone. 

Employer Partner programs are custom designed for each partner as a part of organizational strategic outcomes and development.

Our programs are typically designed to be part-time in Learner’s commitment in order to best follow through with our hands-on approach of immediately implementing technology skills. 

Our programs vary on cost. The most up-to-date information can be found here.

Tuition assistance is available, information can be found here.

Yes, International learners are encouraged to apply!

English is the only language we are currently instructing in, our programs are not yet available in multiple languages.