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Online Courses

Fully online, our courses meet once per week as a large group for two hours and once per week in small breakout groups for one hour.

Outcomes Based

A framework for simultaneous individual learning + organizational improvement. You can choose plan designed to fit your needs.

Peer Support

Learners complete weekly projects composed of reading, writings, presentations, and assignments with peer review.

Learning Standards

Each course earns an industry-standard certification as well as a certificate leading up to becoming a CIM Certified Practitioner.

Tech on mission


Our school of technology provides comprehensive learning services from the bottom up to empower churches, nonprofits, and other mission-driven organizations to complete their mission, support their volunteers and staff, increase their reach, and have confidence to take bold strides to spread the word.

A variety of options are designed to be comprehensive and not overwhelming, complimentary and appropriate for each individual role and organization to thrive in a rapidly-changing world.

CIM Learning is focused on delivering the right options, to the right person and organization, at the right time and pace, to optimize the fulfillment of individuals and the mission if the organizations they serve.


Technology is pervasive and still rapidly changing. A global pandemic has only accelerated that movement. We have more opportunities than ever before to increase engagement, missional reach, and fulfillment. Individuals ready to take training to reach new levels and achieve more with technology are home with us.

We believe organizational mission should drive technology, not the other way around. Technology changes are popular, but it is less common for organizations to support the people who implement, maintain, secure, and support the technology.

CIM aims to close technology and training gaps by providing community-based support, education, guidance, and high-level qualified pathways towards learning outcomes for everyone.

Featured Courses

Individual + Group Learning

3,000 USD

Technology Foundations

6 Individual Lessons + 12 Group Sessions
3,000 USD

Digital Transformation

6 Individual Lessons + 12 Group Sessions
3,000 USD

Leadership Foundations

6 Individual Lessons + 12 Group Sessions
Build Your Future In Tech


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We offer a unique, hands-on approach to teach you current technology efficiencies. 

Choose from a series of learning pathways to gain new skills and take you to the next level professionally!

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